How to sign up for Coinbase and use the Coinbase wallet?

Coinbase made its way to the spotlight very quickly and has maintained its reputation as the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, ever since.
The services offered on this platform is considered to be the best way for new and advanced crypto investors. There are a ton of benefits that will accompany you as you sign yourself up for a Coinbase login account.
Here,in this read, you’d get to learn the detailed steps to sign up for a Coinbase login account, along with steps to linking your account with the Coinbase Wallet and transfer funds to it.

What are the steps to sign up for a Coinbase login account?
Given below are the procedure steps to sign up and have your Coinbase login account:
1.       From a browser, access the official Coinbase website.
2.       Fill up the requirements of the process.
3.       Review and ensure the validity of the data provided.
4.       Provide your cell number to register with your account.
5.       Ensure a complete verification of the submitted number.
6.       And finish with submitting a government-issued ID.

How to link Coinbase Wallet to Coinbase login account?
Let’stake a look at the steps that would help in linking your Coinbase login account with your Coinbase Wallet:
1.       Launch the Coinbase Wallet App on your phone.
2.       Locate and go for the“Settings” section of the app.
3.       Find and select the“Connect to Coinbase” option.
4.       Just keep on following the on-screen prompts.

How to transfer funds to Coinbase Wallet?
Enlisted are the steps that would help you with transferring funds from your Coinbase login account to your Coinbase Wallet:
1.       Initiate Coinbase Wallet App from the home screen of your phone.
2.       Locate and hit on the“Settings” option and move to “Buy or Transfer”.
3.       Choose the compatible cryptocurrency, and feed in the amount.
4.       Go for “Continue”, and follow on to complete the rest of the process.

Coinbase offers exclusive services that have proved to be greatly beneficial for both new and advanced crypto investors, which is why the brand quickly got recognized and was announced as the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in the whole country of America. The detailed read above is a golden opportunity for you to understand the steps of three specific processes that you would want to know- the sign-up procedure to have a Coinbase login account, the procedure of linking your Coinbase account to the Coinbase Wallet and transferring crypto to it.